“The Best Biscuits in the World”-Rachel Robertson, Manager, Biscuit Enthusiast. Fluffy, fresh, and scratch made everyday (see the pattern here?).

Sausage Biscuit

Biscuit with White Bean Sausage and Earth Balance

$ 3.50

Double Down

Biscuit with White Bean Sausage, Earth Balance and Coconut Bacon

$ 4


Biscuit with White Bean Sausage, Earth Balance, Coconut Bacon, Daiya Cheese and Sriracha.

$ 4.50

Club Chick

Biscuit with Chick Pea Patty, Sun-Dried Tomato Alioli, Coconut Bacon and Leaf Lettuce.

$ 6

Biscuits & Gravy*

Biscuit with Mushroom Gravy. Available Fall/Winter.

$ 6